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Studi Kasus

Studi Kasus

Mass Recruitment, Integrated E-Recruitment - Oil & Gas


This company is one of the largest oil and gas exploration companies in Indonesia. As an international company, the selection process stressed the ability to speak English and use computer technology. To facilitate these requirements, the recruitment process was carried out online for the first time in the company's history. Changing the paradigm of the recruitment system from a traditional paper-based system to an integrated online system was challenging, considering that the infrastructure and overall recruitment paradigm required adjustment as well.


EXPERD set up a sophisticated web-based recruitment system to facilitate the recruitment process according to the steps and patterns requested by the client. The website was designed to test applicants' ability to use computer technology. Additionally, the technologies involved helped organize relevant data and ongoing processes. Any changes made to the database were recorded and appropriately documented. Finally, the client, EXPERD consultants and job applicants all received real-time updates regarding the recruitment process through the use of automated email notifications built directly into the system.


EXPERD successfully met the client's recruitment needs, as well as the recruitment needs of three company subsidiaries. In this partnership, we built an integrated in-house system to make the recruitment process faster and easier.

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