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Case Studies

Mass Recruitment, Full Recruitment Service - Oil & Gas


State-owned enterprises are some of the most desirable workplaces in Indonesia. Shortly after the job openings at this company were announced, EXPERD fielded more than 56,000 applications, six times larger than the target volume. The selection process itself was performed to recruit employees at almost all levels in the organization, further complicating the evaluation process. Moreover, despite the unexpectedly large number of applicants, the timeline of the recruitment process was not extended. The recruitment process therefore had to be carried out in an extremely effective and efficient manner.


EXPERD built a web-based system to support the overall recruitment process. Web-based recruitment made the selection process more straightforward and coordinated, considering that all data and processes were stored and recorded. A key feature of the system was that the ongoing recruitment process could be tracked not only by EXPERD consultants, but also by the client and applicants themselves.

EXPERD has always devised various systems and tools tailored to the specific needs of each client. Since this particular recruitment involved an extremely large number of applicants, EXPERD had to minimize the number of manual processes involved in test-taking activities by maximizing the use of technology. Accordingly, a barcode system was designed, tested, and implemented in this project.


The pilot project of simultaneously recruiting employees at various levels was completed within five months. EXPERD also played an active part in establishing a standardized recruitment process at this company.

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