Saville Consulting is a reputable psychometric assessment business with excellent standards and global reach. They specialise in delivering cutting-edge psychometric assessments, taking a highly research-driven approach to improving organizational efficiency.

The company was founded in 2004 by Professor Peter Saville, a chartered psychologist and accomplished entrepreneur. Professor Saville is a recognized authority in industrial and organizational psychology with over thirty years' experience in consultancy and personality research. A co-founder of successful talent management company SHL, Professor Saville's contributions to applying psychology in the workplace were recognized in 2012 with an Honorary Fellowship by the BPS.

Saville Consulting's extensive portfolio of psychometric tools is rigorously tested to ensure validity. The Saville Consulting Wave is a dynamic questionnaire which measures participants' motives, competencies and preferred working culture. Saville Consulting Strengths optimizes the mass recruitment process with a fast, reliable method of screening applicants for potential and company fit. The Swift Analysis Aptitude battery of tests comprehensively predicts workplace performance, and can be calibrated to reflect different intelligences or roles.

With 50 partners across 80 countries administering their products in 35 languages, Saville Consulting boasts an impressive international presence. Clients include prominent multinational corporations such as Credit Suisse, HSBC, Kellogg's, Nestlè, BP, Vodafone and Jaguar, as well as government bodies and publicly owned companies such as HM Revenue & Customs, the UK Ministry of Defence and the BBC.

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