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Case Studies

Training - Organizational Development, Leadership Development and Human Resources Capacity Building - Engineering & Construction


When this company approached EXPERD for assistance, it was facing significant challenges: fierce competition, increased client expectations and a quadrupling of target revenue to manage ongoing projects. To surmount these difficulties, the capacity of their human resources needed to be swiftly revitalized in terms of field maturity, technical expertise and hard and soft skills.


EXPERD performed competency mapping to identify employees for development as project leaders. To enhance high-potential potential employees, EXPERD designed and ran learning programs to enhance their soft skills and competencies. The curriculum for these programs was fully aligned with company values and predefined model competencies; each participant's progress was systematically tracked, and they were all provided with individual feedback.

Furthermore, EXPERD improved the efficiency of in-field coaching by training managers in coaching skills and clearly defined coach-coachee and mentor-mentee relationships. EXPERD also designed a web-based coaching record to document coaching activities, so that progress could be monitored by employees, employees and mentors alike.


Not only did the company take active steps to nurture its human potential, but program evaluation showed that employees felt happier because the company was paying more attention to their career development. The positive learning environment fostered within the company provided the base for a strong learning organization. The program also encouraged the adoption of other capacity-building initiatives, such as improving levels of satisfaction and improving employee work-life balance.

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