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Case Studies

Assessment Center, Assessment Centre, Managerial Level - Plantation Management (Lonsum)


PP London Sumatra Tbk (Lonsum) is a leading Indonesian plantation company, with 110,000 hectares dedicated to growing oil palm, rubber, cocoa and tea. At the time of writing Lonsum currently has 38 core plantations, 13 'plasma' (smallholder) plantations and 21 factories.

To increase labor productivity, Lonsum required better identification of skilled and professional laborers and expertise in agro-management to take advantage of the company's R&D. Lonsum House of Growth 2015 outlined their need for a leader who could achieve the target of doubling work area and production, as well as one who could efficiently lead one of the world's largest plantation companies. Great emphasis was therefore placed on accurately assessing employee competencies and making informed hiring decisions based on this knowledge.


For the preliminary study, EXPERD visited Rambong Sialang Estate in North Sumatra to observe activity and collect digging data from various parties in the field. EXPERD also visited the site factory to better understand company business, evaluate the nature of the work, describe the positions and identify their specifications and projected future challenges.

Based on the data from the preliminary study, EXPERD ran an assessment & development center devoted to mapping the competencies of candidates for Estate Manager, Factory Manager, Area Manager and Agronomy Area Manager. This was done to help Lonsum create a development plan to enhance their human resources.


EXPERD conducted competency mapping for the Estate Manager, Mill Manager, Area Manager and Agronomy Area Manager based on eight leadership traits. In addition, EXPERD also performed 'people mapping' by combining participants' leadership traits and performance management to more fully represent their human asset value. EXPERD provided Lonsum with reports on both individual candidates and general company management, with suggestions on how to develop the company to achieve the goals outlined in the 2015 Lonsum House of Growth.

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