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Studi Kasus

Studi Kasus

Training - Organizational Development, 360-Degree Leadership Feedback - Food & Beverage


Leadership development should begin with increased self-awareness. Feedback from various parties (superiors, peers, subordinates) are an invaluable source for leaders as they develop their skills and effectiveness in their roles.


  • A 360-degree feedback program was deemed appropriate for obtaining input from multiple parties. In addition to an efficient web-based implementation, the structure of the program itself was expected to be more objective because it presented several different viewpoints simultaneously.
  • In the preparation stage, dimension and indicators were set to to evaluate leadership effectiveness. These included self-management, task management, people management and business orientation. The preparation stage also carefully selected items tailored to specific job challenges and company values.
  • To optimize the 'buy-in,' feedback was solicited from participants at the kick-off session. After the feedback was processed, participants were divided into groups for a feedback session to determine the steps necessary to improve leadership effectiveness.


Participants gave positive feedback on the activity, mainly because of the strong focus on leadership development. Management is now committed to implementing this program on a regular basis to maintain its positive impact and ensure that leaders are continuously honing their abilities.

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